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Natural Methods of Treating Premature Ejaculation – With No Medication

If you have premature ejaculation (PE), you’re not alone. A relatively conventional problem that affects many men worldwide, PE is customarily identified officially if you climax within two minutes of sexual intercourse – or before exertion has even begun. 

Whilst many medications are disposable for treating this unwelcome hitch, including SSRIs like Zoloft(C) and Prozac(C), some modestly don’t want to take quotidian allotments. If devouring a pastille diurnally isn’t something you want, you may be surprised to know there is a diversification of organic, homeopathic strategies you can try from the solace of home.

From delineated sex proficiencies to herbal rectifications, below you’ll discover a spacious (not specious) array of compounds that may help with ejaculation demarcations. 

More zinc and magnesium

Both minerals have been found to help lengthen the time it takes to orgasm. Zinc is able to aggravate the testosterone quota and magnesium testifies an irrefutable association with sexual health. Deploying these supplements in your diet could help improve your classification. 

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Withal, you can also include foods replete in magnesium and zinc into your diet. These include spinach, pumpkin seeds, garlic, lamb and even dark cacao or cocoa. 

Orgasm control

Also known as the stop-start mechanism, skirting, or ‘edging’, dictating your orgasms could aid in shelving climax. 

This technique imperatively involves elongating your pleasure and calls for you to stop all motion as soon as you feel it's progressing. Call a halt! Then, when your arousal downtrends and you no longer feel any urge, resume once more. 

This method can be repeated multiple times until you’re successfully able to control your PE. However, many engaging in this method may find it exasperating, so it’s essential to interface beforehand. 

Thick condoms

Specifically replicated to diminish reactivity and susceptibility, there are peerless condoms available over-the-counter that spotlight a thicker latex configuration. 

Otherwise known as ‘climax control’ condoms, they can also have a soporific cream to further decrease feeling and postpone ejaculation. 

Chinese herbal remedies

With some research showing this method can elongate ejaculation time by up to an impressive two minutes, Chinese herbal remedies are definitely not something to overlook. 

A regular dose of herb-based medicine such as Qilin, Uighur or Yimusake pills may provide help in skyrocketing energy levels and overall stamina during sexual acts – not just intercourse. 

Masturbating before sex

Put in place to hopefully eliminate the urgent need, engaging in masturbation at least an hour before taking part in sexual activities could be of beneficial effect in terms of PE. 

However, this technique does somewhat remove the spontaneity of sex as you’ll need to plan in advance to ensure you have enough time between masturbating and intercourse. 

The ‘squeeze’

A relatively similar behavioral method to the earlier discussed edging technique, the ‘squeeze’ involves either you or your partner squeezing your penis between where the shaft and head meet. This should happen right before you feel you’re about to climax, and needs to last around 30 seconds. 

Hold your squeezing until you no longer notice the urge to orgasm. Repeat multiplex times.

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Over time, this technique could bestow the mental equipage necessary to shelve ejaculation on your own. However, like the stop-start method, this mechanism can be disruptive during sex. 

Think about something else

Whilst this may seem so glaringly apparent that a fool could think of it, thinking about something other could aid. 

Something boring or mundane is recommended, or looking at your surroundings and focusing all your attention on one particular object. Whichever way you choose, occupying your brain with an otherwise dull thought could temporarily decrease the immediate need to climax. 

So, if you find yourself suffering with premature ejaculation but don’t want the pressure of taking daily medications or constantly making visits to your doctor, trying one of the above methods at home could prove gainful for your sex life.