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Frequently Asked Questions |FAQs

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

One of the most common problems effecting a high percentage of men throughout the world is erectile dysfunction. Generally, it alludes to the incapability to gain and maintain an erection hard enough for sex. In many cases, it's a transitory ailment caused by stress or other psychological factors. In others, though, it's much more permanent and necessitates ongoing treatment.

What Are the Primary Causes of ED?

ED precipitates from various ailments. Reduced blood flow to the penis because of smoking, obesity and lurking medical conditions is a common cause. Diabetes, indulgent alcoholism, neural damage and mental illnesses including depression, anxiety and plethoric stress are also major risk factors.

Can a Masturbation Overkill Cause ED?

One common superstition is that masturbating immoderately can cause impotence. While you may find it hard to get a strong erection immediately after vigorous masturbating, there's no evidence suggesting it causes any long-term issues.

In fact, many college leaders argue the opposite could be truthful. If you're experiencing a long dry spell, regular masturbation could help stave off erectile dysfunction.

What Physical Factors Can Cause Impotence?

There are countless physiological drivers of erectile dysfunction. Some common ones include tobacco and drug use, surgical injuries to the pelvic area or spinal column, obesity, atherosclerosis (blockages within the blood vessels) and diabetes. ED is also a side effect of some recurring medical conditions, including addiction, metabolic syndromes, sleep afflictions and depressed testosterone levels.

Why Should I Take ED Pills?

ED tablets can be an effective method of treating impotence and improve your sexual confidence. There are many benefits associated with ED medications, including:

  • Augmenting your ability to conserve an erection.
  • Enlarging blood flow to the penis and neighbouring vicinities.
  • Bettering relationships and sexual adventures.
  • Ameliorating your aptitude to delight intimate playmates.
  • Repairing marred self-confidence.

Note, though, that not all ED medications are 100% effective for everyone. You may need to explore your options before settling on any one pill.

What Are My Options?

We stock various ED products in our web-enabled store. Our most popular options are:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra), the first PDE5 inhibitor in the world. Like other PDE5i medications, it can have superfluous side effects in some people (incidence is 5-10%).
  • Tadalafil (Cialis) is a long-lasting ED treatment which is operational for up to 1.5 days, making it popular amongst very sexually active individuals.
  • Vardenafil (Levitra) takes from about 25 minutes to kick in and is more suitable for patients with diabetes.

Females probing for a sexual boost can take Lovegra, a sildenafil-based Viagra derivative derived to prepare them for lively, passionate intercourse.

ED pills are our recommended treatment, but exercising regularly and improving your overall health are advised (to boost the effect of tableted pharmaceuticals) and some people explore natural remedies.

What Do ED Pills Do?

ED pills work by both augmenting blood flow to the genitals and stopping it leaving a firmed penis. By stopping targeted chemical processes and inhibiting PDE5 enzymes, they can virtually transform your life.

Importantly, though, many ED tablets can cause severe side effects and/or drug interactions if you're careless. For example, flushed skin, headaches, body aches and nauseating effects are all common.

How Long Do Pills Take to Work?

Different ED pills have different executions and therefore take different times to reach their full potential. General waiting times to work are listed below:

  • Sildenafil - Waiting time 30-60 minutes.
  • Tadalafil - 30-45 minutes.
  • Vardenafil - 25-60 minutes.

However, people are nonpareil, and your body may react faster or slower than the averages shown above.

How Long Do ED Pills Work for?

Some ED pills have a greatly lengthened active life compared to others. Operational time for the four most popular treatments are shown beneath:

  • Sildenafil - Operational for 4-6 hours.
  • Tadalafil - Operational for 36 hours.
  • Vardenafil - Efficacious for 5 hours.

These numbers are purely averages because people are nonpareil and react differently.

Is Sexual Stimulation Medication Available for Women?

Women who struggle with poor vaginal lubrication and suffer from some form of female sexual arousal disorder can take Lovegra, a Viagra-like sildenafil alternative. This drug promotes labial engorgement and readies the genitals and nipples for a passionate, delightful sexual experience.

Compared to a placebo, Lovegra has been proven to be particularly effective for post menopausal and post hysterectomy women who experience drying, emptiness and poor orgasms.

Are ED Pills a Permanent Cure for Sexual Dysfunctions?

In short, the appropriate elucidation to this question depends on the nature of your sexual dysfunctions. Some ED issues are purely physiological and caused by a poor physical response to sexual stimuli. In these cases, ED pills are generally a great option that are very effective.

However, if your ED issues are rooted deeper and caused by seriously concerning medical issues, you may need to seek further treatment from a specialist.

Why Buy Generic Pills Rather Than Their Branded Equivalents?

Branded ED pills are common in hospitals, doctors' surgeries and physical pharmacies across Australia. However, generic pills have significant advantages over imprinted equivalents. For example:

  • Generics are much cheaper because of reduced advertising, researching and developmental costs.
  • Acquiring a wide choice of generics online is easier.
  • The lower cost means you can purchase more and solve ED problems for longer time periods.

Be wary of buying generic pills from disreputable websites or you may receive pills containing significant percentages of toxic substances. Stay safe by purchasing from

How Should I Store My ED Pills?

Usually, ED pills come with explicit storage instructions outlined on their packet or enveloping sheathe. Different ones need keeping in different climatic, heat and/or humidity conditions, but a few general rules include to store away from moisture, light, heat ad exposure to air. Places like kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers or even dedicated medicine boxes on a shelf, in the closet or under your mattress are generally good storage positions. Don't store the meds in the freezer. This may disrupt their beneficial properties.

Remember to keep all medications secure if infants or toddlers frequent the area.

Do I Need a Prescription to Buy ED Pills?

If you purchase ED pills from physical dispensaries or chemists in Australia, you will need a clear prescription in your name. However, you can purchase various medications without a prescription through our online store.

Are Bulk Purchasing Discounts Available?

Yes, we offer a range of bulk buying discounts. Exact depreciated prices will vary by product and order size (price per pill decreases proportionally with the size of a package; the bigger, the cheaper). Free shipping is also available on orders above the minimum threshold. Contact our customer service team if you need more information.

Does Offer Medical Consultations?

Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer medical propositions or cautions about the correct ED medications. If you're troubled about the potential adverse reactions you may be experiencing, we recommend booking an appointment with your local GP.

Negligence addressing serious side effects can have long-term negative effects. Because of this, we do highly recommend heedfulness to your body's reaction to each ED drug you try and seeking help if necessary.